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Air Fresheners

We provide commercial wall-mounted air fresheners as an effective odour control for your business toilet facilities. Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and Australia wide.

Bad Odours – No More!

Give the right impression with clean smelling facilities every time. After all, your washrooms and toilets are often the public face of your office, restaurant or other business, so it is important that they are safe, clean, and perceived as such.

Hassle Free

We provide services Australia wide including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and all major centres.  And we make it easy for you with online quotes for Toilet Air Fresheners and Deodoriser Dispensers, as a part of our broader hygiene and waste management services.

Professional Looking

Our units are unobtrusive, sleek and modern in appearance. They blend right in with any establishments facilities, from schools and offices, aged care facilities, boardroom ensuites, right through to five star hotel restrooms.

A range of scents

We have a selection of scents in our range, which are dispensed automatically, to control and prevent unpleasant smells in any facility bathrooms or rest rooms

Combine Your Air Freshener and Dispenser Services and Save

How much do air freshener dispensers cost? Our buying power means that we can provide these services for surprisingly less than you might expect.  As a waste broker, the range of services that we look after mean we can obtain very good prices for these services. This means you can benefit too from a great price without compromising on service.

Contact us today for a free online quote, perhaps as a part of a quote for our full services range!

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