Earth Day 2024 – Fighting The Pandemic of Plastic Waste

Its Earth Day. We’ve seen a few posts today wishing people “Happy Earth Day” The truth is that Earth Day isn’t like a birthday, where we sit around and sing songs. It’s a day to provoke action. To raise the awareness of various environmental causes.  Earth Day 2024 is all about plastic. The Earth Day […]

Nationwide Recognizes Global Recycling Day 2024

Embrace Opportunity: Rethink Waste. Today, on March 18th, Nationwide Waste Solutions proudlyacknowledges Global Recycling Day. We’re here to elevate your business’s ESG (Environmental,Social, and Governance) performance through innovative waste and recyclingsolutions. Why does it matter so much? Let’s delve into the significance: Every year, our planet exhausts billions of tons of preciousnatural resources, signaling an […]

Unveiling The Plastic Journey – From Consumption To Recycling And Beyond

UNDERSTANDING RECYCLABLE PLASTICS AND THE RECYCLING PROCESS For efficient and sustainable waste management, it is crucial to understand the breadth of recyclable plastics and the recycling process. Over 76 million tonnes of plastic waste are produced in Australia each year, which, if unmanaged, is a serious threat to our environment and community.    Littering our […]

Sorting Fact From Fiction: Understanding The Complexity Of ‘Greenwashing’

WHAT IS GREENWASHING? At Nationwide, what we deliver on is what we say we will. When we say something is being recycled, it is. Or if a practice is beneficial for the environment, that is actually the case.   Most consumers think the same, and expect that claims made in marketing about products are at […]