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Future Focused for Sustainable Waste Management

In mid-June, Canberra held the annual National General Assembly. Attracting over 870 council representatives nationwide, the assembly is Australia’s largest and most influential local government conference. This year’s theme, Future Focused, placed emphasis on a circular economy, discussing what can be done to prepare councils for the “challenges, opportunities and changes that lie ahead” regarding […]

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How to Reduce Waste in The Classroom?

Introducing waste management in Australian primary schools is important for improving a community’s quality of life. Educating children on how to act sustainably with waste benefits the environment, not only for today, but also for our future. Additionally, correct waste segregation and reduction methods significantly reduces costs for the school. A majority of the waste […]

Reducing Waste in Corporate World - Reduce, Re Use, Recycle

Reducing Waste in The Corporate World – Big Companies Who Are Leading The Game

Last month, Australia’s largest airline company, Qantas, flew the first-ever zero waste commercial flight from Sydney to Adelaide. The route, which usually produces 34 kgs of waste per flight, or 150 tonnes of waste per year, included a range of reusable, recyclable, and compostable alternatives to inflight products. The flight demonstrated alternatives for approximately 1,000 […]

Regulating Plastic Waste and Australian Businesses

What Does Regulating Plastic Waste Mean for Australian Businesses?

Last month, in a two-week United Nations conference held in Switzerland, Australia was one of 187 countries to agree to amend the Basel Convention to include plastic waste in its initiatives. The Basel Convention is an international treaty that controls the movement of hazardous waste between countries, particularly from developed nations to underdeveloped nations. The […]