Six facts about recycling glass

6 Facts you Should Know About Recycling Glass

Did you know that every tonne of recycled glass saves 1.2 tonnes of virgin material, including sand and soda ash, that is used to make glass from scratch? Glass is one of the most eco-friendly man-made materials, and there’s no doubt of its major impact on protecting the environment. Whether recycling it to reduce landfill […]

Celebrating Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day – World’s Largest Environmental Movement

Last month, on the 22nd of April, we celebrated Earth Day – the world’s largest environmental movement. A movement that over 1 billion people participate in each year, Earth Day’s mission is to raise awareness, educate, and activate change to protect the environment. On this day, we’re encouraged to get involved with environmental projects in […]

Medical Gloves Medical Waste Disposal Service

The Cost of Not Handling Medical Waste Appropriately

Treated as hazardous waste, medical waste must be handled and disposed of according to strict standards. It’s imperative to segregate medical waste from general waste, and even more so, to segregate it further into sub-streams, including clinical, cytotoxic, pharmaceutical, and anatomical waste. On-site segregation is important for reasons relating to health and safety and the […]

Aged care waste Sydney - Aged care waste services Brisbane - Waste management in retirement homes Melbourne

Aged Care Waste Management? We’re Just a Phone Call Away.

Taking care of Australia’s elderly is a complex responsibility, and aged care facilities have a duty of care to keep their residents safe and comfortable. Waste management is often regarded a low priority, however it plays a significant role is keeping the facilities, and therefore the residents, well-looked-after. Considering that approximately 43% of Australia’s population […]