Cardboard Recycling Melbourne


When you throw away that cardboard box next, here is some food for thought.

Every time you waste a cardboard box, or burn it, a small part of a tree is needed to make more cardboard.

If we use enough cardboard, a whole tree. Which as the numbers get bigger, becomes more and more trees.

One ton of cardboard requires that somewhere, 17 trees have to be cut down. And Aussies use many millions of tons of cardboard each year. 

If we recycle our cardboard, it can be reprocessed between five and seven times. How good is that?



Picture of a paper recycling centre

To illustrate what this can mean, lets imagine a typical Melbourne business with a three cubic meter cardboard recycling bin getting emptied weekly in Melbourne. These will usually hold about 100 kilos of cardboard. 

That’s 5.2 tons per annum of cardboard being recycled.

That business would save 88 trees per annum. 

How well does your business recycle cardboard in Melbourne? Do you measure it?

Do your employees recycle cardboard boxes at home – and can they also recycle cardboard at work?

Do you have a cardboard recycling service separate from the general waste?

If the answers to these questions aren’t clear, perhaps we can help.

Nationwide facilitates better sustainability for business by providing whole of business waste and recycling solutions, including cardboard recycling.

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