Commingled Recycling - Key to Recycling in 2019

Commingled Recycling – Key to Recycling in 2019

Recycling became popular in the 1960s and 70s after environmental movements were spearheaded by environmental activists who found the need to conserve mother nature and employ effective waste management system that is long term and sustainable for the next generation of nature caretakers. Though the term has been popularized in 1940, it was not until the modern environmental movement in the 60s that the word recycles became a household term.

Recycling has revolutionized waste management to the point waste disposal have been categorized to ensure efficient collection and segregation system.

One popular practice that has gained a lot of traction over the recent years is Commingled recycling.

Commingled Recycling and its Benefits

This is basically just a fancy way for recyclable waste streams that are mixed or combined instead of being separated.

The process of commingled recycling is where all materials capable of being recycled should be disposed of together.

Recycling Solutions

Commingled recycling is one of the most efficient waste management services implemented in Australia because of versatility. It eliminates the need to worry about segregating your wastes and mistaking one bin after another.
Most food and beverage containers such as plastic bottles, glass jars, aluminum, and steel cans are all accepted. In some countries, they refer to commingled recycling as dry-mixed recycling.

Commingled recycling if ideal for businesses with limited time and resources to manage and classify their wastes.
Commingled recycling is proposed as beneficial to recycling in 2019 as it simply makes it easier for people to recycle their waste.

Commingled recycling is a functional waste management disposal system because it offers:

  • Fast and Convenient Disposal
  • Efficient Segregation Process
  • EASY – all similar materials due for recycling- combined and disposed of properly
  • Cost -Effective.
  • Space Friendly. No need to provide multiple bins for segregation. One bin can accommodate all recyclable materials – like paper, plastic, cardboard, and aluminum.
  • Environment-friendly, because recycling reduces the need to manufacture raw materials, carbon footprint, and reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Helps attract customers. People like to buy from eco-friendly and responsible business owners.

Commingled recycling encourages paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans to be collected all together in one bin.

The Importance of Proper Waste Management

importance of waste management

Waste management is important because it helps in conserving mother nature. There is a global clamor to intensify environmentally friendly waste management and disposal systems because the global population’s health and protection depend on it.

Waste recycling is encouraged because it reduces the need for landfills and reduces the cost of production and most importantly, it preserves the environment.

Inadequate sanitation practices lead to bigger problems. They contribute largely to the destruction of nature’s landscape, population health, and overall pollution of the global environment.

There are a lot of companies working hard and increasing the effort to achieve a more sustainable waste management system. They provide collection, transport, treatment and disposal of any kind of waste materials.

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