Earth Day 2024 – Fighting The Pandemic of Plastic Waste

Its Earth Day.

We’ve seen a few posts today wishing people “Happy Earth Day”

The truth is that Earth Day isn’t like a birthday, where we sit around and sing songs.

It’s a day to provoke action. To raise the awareness of various environmental causes. 

Earth Day 2024 is all about plastic. The Earth Day organisation is calling the current situation a pandemic of plastic.

That’s an apt term.

Plastic is super bad for the environment, when it is released and uncontrolled.

The team at Earth Day this year are calling for the production of plastics to be reduced by 60% by 2030.

The trouble is its so darned convenient, cheap and durable. 

Nationwide supports Earth Day’s position on this. The challenge is how to get there with the current structure. 

It’s obvious changes are needed 

One might be to recycle it better, meaning less plastic gets made, and less greenhouse gases end up in the atmosphere – and less microplastics end up in the seas and oceans.

Nationwide Waste Solutions helps Australian businesses get better at managing and recycling plastic waste – and waste of all kinds.

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