Hotels and Restaurants

Waste Management for Hotels and Restaurants

  • Saving you money and time
  • Ensuring a safe and hygienic facility
  • Flexible collection frequencies to suit your business
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Our key focus has always been and still, as a joint partner with our waste and recycling suppliers in providing efficient, cost effective services to industry

Key benefits

Hygienic waste management services

A hygienic facility

The hospitality industry is imperative to the Australian economy. Not only does it serve locals, but it also caters for tourists who have travelled from all over the world.

At the heart of the industry is the duty to service guests and deliver a lasting experience. Our waste management solutions support hotels and restaurants to do just that.

We understand that a clean reputation is absolutely vital for any business in hospitality. With our flexible rubbish collection frequencies and our effective solutions, we prioritise creating a hygienic environment for your hotel and restaurant guests.

Chefs Cutting Food before putting leftovers in the waste bins

A tidy workspace

Our services also place a major emphasis on your hotel and restaurant staff. Not only do our services create a clean environment for guests, they also encourage a safe and organised workspace for employees.

There is no doubt that commercial kitchens are a busy work environment that generates a great deal of mess each day. Waste disposal is as much about tidiness as it is about cleanliness, and our frequent rubbish collections support that.

We ensure reduced OH&S risks, increased productivity, and an optimised work space in the hospitality industry.

Hotel and Accommodation industry waste services

Trust us with jobs, big or small

Whether you run a small cafe or a group of 5 star hotels, we understand that the reputation you uphold is paramount. In fact, we realise that, with our services, our reputation is your reputation.

With over 19 years experience in waste management, the team here at Nationwide Waste Solutions works closely with a vast number of hospitality businesses in a range of sizes.

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