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How to be a more sustainable business in 2020

As the decade draws to a close, many business owners will look back on how much has changed in the last ten years. There are obvious changes such as advanced technology, which has streamlined business productivity and efficiency. And there are also changes in the environment and society, which play a massive role in the way they do business.

It’s also the time for business owners to prepare for 2020, which Forbes has declared the year of sustainable business. There’s no doubt that business owners should take into consideration the fact that sustainability and the environment are now significantly influential in business, and vice versa.

Here are three ways for your business to be more sustainable in 2020.

1) Start with your office

Sustainable changes can be made in businesses both big and small. Being sustainable shouldn’t be a hassle – and changes can be made somewhere as simple as your office.

Here are some suggestions. Stock your staffroom kitchen with coffee to save your staff bringing coffee cups to work. Or equip the kitchen with plates, cutlery and glasses to avoid using disposables next time you celebrate a staff member’s birthday or a Friday pizza party. Or encourage your employees to bring a rubbish free lunch.

We act sustainable with the kitchenware we use at home, so it doesn’t have to be any different at work. There are so many small “household” changes that can be applied to your workplace staffroom alone – and although these changes may be small, they’re just as significant as the bigger ones. These small changes can turn into habits, which allow you to do your individual bit for the environment.

2) A circular supply chain

Transforming your supply chain to become “circular” is a much bigger step to becoming more sustainable. This is about adjusting the way that you do business.

Adjustments can be made at any stage – from sourcing your raw materials to manufacturing your products to transporting the packaged goods.

Green procurement is the term we use for sourcing goods and services that are produced and supplied ethically. This includes ensuring your product is: manufactured sustainably; made from recycled or renewable products; can be recycled; and/or doesn’t use excessive packaging.

When it comes to your packaging, it’s worth noting that plastic is one of the leading waste pollution culprits.

A circular supply chain would also include taking responsibility for where your packaging ends up and how it gets there. According to predictions from a recent Forbes article, 2020 is likely to see at least one major global CPG organising “refill stations,” where consumers can get discounts on products by taking old bottles back to be refilled.

3) Partner with other leaders and make a commitment

We touched base on how technology has changed the way we do business. What the digital world has also changed is the way businesses and consumers interact and communicate.

Most, if not all, businesses have an environmental or sustainability pledge as part of their corporate social responsibility. You’ll notice that companies often outline this pledge on their website or social media channels to inform their customers (who are statistically-proven to be more environmentally-aware).

Simply making a promise will help your business commit to sustainability. Making this known to your customers can only be beneficial – especially according to the 48% of global consumers who are willing to ditch a brand name in order to purchase a more environmentally-friendly alternative.

It’s also worthwhile partnering with leading environmental organisations and brands to commit to sustainability. Not only will this improve your creditability, it will also make acting sustainable a lot more achievable. As a business owner, you’d appreciate that building your business hasn’t been a one-man job. Neither will adjusting it to fit the changes in society.

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