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How to Reduce your Business’ Waste Management Expenses?

Have you noticed your waste management fees piling up lately? Or perhaps you think it’s time to review your plan to determine where you can save money. Here are four pieces of industry advice to reduce your business’ waste expenses.

1. Set goals

Goal setting is important for any business aspect, and it’s no exception when it comes to reducing your business’ waste management expenses. While this may seem like the goal itself, you should consider how this can be achieved realistically and successfully.

Perhaps you not only want to reduce your waste disposal costs, but also the volume of waste that your business generates. This would involve considering other ways to do business, including switching to reusable materials to save you money in the long-run. Generally speaking, your options for this will vary depending on the nature of your business. For example, warehousing businesses could consider using reusable plastic pallets and tubs, rather than cardboard boxes, for the storage or transportation of stock. Failing that, implement an effective cardboard recycling program.

2. Make sure you’re segregating your waste correctly

Segregating your waste properly is important, not only for your business’ environmental impact, but also to ensure that your waste management plan is optimised. Different streams of waste have different collection and disposal costs, and specialised waste is often more expensive. For example, a medical facility could see their waste fees piling up if they’re disposing of regular waste in their medical bins.

It is also common for business’ to send recyclables to landfill, because they’re simply unaware of what materials can be recycled. Considering that recycling is one of the most cost-effective methods of waste management, reviewing your recycled waste streams is beneficial for all businesses.

Reducing your waste management costs can’t be done with a thorough review of your current plan and waste segregation methods, which is handled by your provider. Here’s how a satisfied hospitality business was able to increase their recycled and repurposed waste by an impressive 500% after a review of their plan.

Optimising your waste disposal plan is significant for long-term money saving results.

3. Adjust your bin sizes and collection frequencies

Adjusting your bin sizes and collection frequencies is another way to optimise your current solution. First, you’ll need to consider how much waste your business produces and how important frequent collections are. For example, hospitality and medical facilities often require much more frequent collections than other businesses, in order to maintain the facility’s hygiene.

You may notice that your bins are only half full at each collection time and that your collection frequencies need to be reduced. Or you may feel like your collection frequencies happen too often. In this case, you can save transport energy and reduce collection costs by increasing the size or the amount of your bins.

4. Research and compare waste management providers

Last year, the average for waste removal fees increased across the state of Victoria. This affected both council and commercial waste disposal providers. It is also quite common for waste management companies to sneak up their fees once or twice a year.

The best way to shop around for the most affordable provider is to read testimonials, request a free quote, and determine just how reliable, transparent and open their contracts and communication is to judge their reputability.

Are you looking to reduce your business’ waste management expenses? At Nationwide Waste Solutions, our buying power gives us a centralised approach to negotiate and find the best pricing for your business. We do all the reviewing for you, so you can rest easy knowing your business is getting the best solution. For more information, call us on 1300 729 922, contact us here, or request a free quote here.


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