Liquid Waste Management Made Easy

If your business generates liquid waste, complying with your
General Environmental Duties has never been more important.

Best practise liquid waste management isn’t just because
it’s the right thing to do. In Victoria, the EPA is actively conducting snap
inspections on industrial premises, with a focus on how businesses manage their
industrial and liquid waste, and prevent contaminants from entering waterways.

Officers from EPA Southern Metropolitan Region will be
speaking to businesses in Bayswater’s industrial zones to see how they are
ensuring waste liquids do not leave their premises and enter stormwater drains.

“All storm water drains lead to waterways. So, if a business
is allowing contaminated liquids to flow into stormwater drains, or don’t have
reasonable controls in place to stop that, they could face heavy penalties,”
EPA Southern Metropolitan Regional Manager, Viranga Abeywickrema said.

“Under the Environment Protection Act 2017 every Victorian
has a role to play in reducing the risks to our communities and environment
from pollution and waste as part of the GED. Every business must be able to
show they can manage and control the risks of pollution they create. It could
be anything from truck wash bays collecting wastewater to ensuring proper
management and storage of chemical containers. But, if you can’t show us how
you’re doing it, we will take action.”

EPA is targeting industry sectors that include concrete
batching plants, agricultural chemical distributors, motor vehicle and
machinery servicing/repairs, chemical handling, intensive animal industries and
a variety of other general industrial activities.

“We are particularly concerned that chemicals and wastes are
stored and managed properly. We have seen too often the harm that can be done
to the environment through the uncontrolled escape of chemicals,” Mr
Abeywickrema said.

While on site, it’s a pretty safe bet they will be asking
where Reportable Priority Waste is being disposed of, and cross checking Waste
Tracker records.

Bayswater isn’t the only location they will be focusing on.
Geelong businesses to can expect visits. In fact, we think it’s likely this
process will continue on in other areas of Melbourne in coming months.

If your business needs help improving your compliance, or a
better solution across all of your waste streams, Nationwide Waste Solutions
Australia can help.

We are the only waste and recycling solutions business in
Victoria with an Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) Accredited
Consigner on staff.

This means easy access to qualified, trusted, expert advice
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We make it easy. No jargon. Just plain language. Compliant
solutions that meet all environmental regulations.

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