Liquid Waste Removal

Liquid Waste Removal Melbourne

Nationwide Waste Solutions can manage the collection and disposal of your liquid waste effectively and safely. We have specialised experience and knowledge of liquid waste removal Melbourne businesses don’t. Waste oil, prescribed waste, grease traps, and triple interceptor waste can all be routinely managed by the experienced team at Nationwide Waste and centrally invoiced along with other services that we provide. Our pickup schedules are flexible and ensure that we can find a frequency that works for any type of business. Call us to discuss commercial liquid waste management in Melbourne with one of our friendly staff.

We provide this service as a part of a managed total waste services solution.

Types of Liquid Waste Removal

Depending on your business, you might require different types of liquid waste collection and disposal. We provide an easy, convenient way for you to dispose of your waste the right way. If you don’t see a solution essential for your business in this list, give us a call. We’d be happy to discuss all of the liquid waste solutions that we offer and set up the right service for you with a quote.


Liquid Waste Management: Nationwide Understands Containers and Their Applications


In the arena of waste management, liquid waste presents unique challenges that demand specialized solutions.

 Whether it’s industrial byproducts, wastewater, or hazardous liquids, Nationwide Waste Solutions team knows that proper containment and transportation are essential for environmental protection and regulatory compliance.

Here is an overview of the various types of containers Nationwide is experienced in for liquid waste management and the specific waste types suited for each.


Drums and Barrels:

Drums and barrels are among the most common containers for liquid waste. Typically made of metal or plastic, they offer durability and ease of handling. These containers are suitable for various liquid waste types, including:

  • Industrial chemicals and solvents
  • Oil and grease
  • Laboratory waste


Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs):

IBCs, also known as tote tanks, are large containers designed for bulk liquid storage and transport. These versatile containers come in various sizes and configurations, making them ideal for a wide range of liquid waste, such as:

  • Effluents from manufacturing processes
  • Non-hazardous liquids like water and wastewater
  • Agricultural runoff and chemicals


Tank Trucks and Tankers:

Tank trucks and tankers are used for transporting large volumes of liquid waste over long distances. These specialized vehicles feature robust tanks capable of safely carrying hazardous materials. Liquid waste suitable for tank trucks includes:

  • Chemicals and industrial waste
  • Sewage and wastewater
  • Hazardous liquids requiring careful handling and containment



Flexitanks are flexible, collapsible containers designed for shipping non-hazardous liquids in bulk. Made of multiple layers of polyethylene and housed within a standard shipping container, flexitanks offer a cost-effective solution for liquid transport. Common liquid waste handled by flexitanks includes:

  • Food products such as oils and syrups
  • Non-hazardous chemicals and additives
  • Agricultural liquids like fertilizers and pesticide

Effective liquid waste management relies not only on choosing the right container but also on adhering to proper handling, storage, and disposal practices. It’s essential to comply with relevant regulations and guidelines to minimize environmental impact and ensure safety.


By understanding the different types of containers available and their suitable waste applications, Nationwide Waste Solutions assists businesses and industries to streamline their liquid waste management processes while promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship.

From drums and IBCs to tank trucks and flexitanks, each container plays a vital role in the responsible handling and transportation of liquid waste, safeguarding our ecosystems for generations to come.

Responsible Liquid Waste Removal Melbourne

Liquid waste removal can be a particularly tricky problem for businesses and this type of waste is very often managed incorrectly. Grease trap pump outs and other liquid wastes all need to be disposed of by a licensed, compliant provider. It’s often confusing to people as it hasn’t been introduced to the general population with a simple solution like we’ve seen with co-mingled and recycling waste. This stream of waste is still best being removed by a specialist company as it can pose a risk either to people around it, or to the drainage systems that it could accidentally be flushed through. That’s where we come in. We take the guesswork out of your liquid waste disposal quotes.

Competitive Pricing For A Quality Service
When you engage our services at Nationwide Waste Solutions, you’ll benefit from our buying power. With thousands of sites already on board, we use this power to drive competitive prices and top quality service. Our buying power also minimises the risk of future cost increases. If you’ve encountered unexpected fees and charges with another provider or been dealt an unreasonable price increase after signing up at a bargain price, rest assured that you’ll experience no tricks here – just great service and fair prices.

You can also coordinate your other waste removal services with us to make pickups even easier. We provide services from general waste management and recycling to more specialised services such as e-waste recycling. Combining your waste removal services through Nationwide Waste Solutions allows us to offer the very best price for your business and trim any extra that you may be paying by coordinating pickups through multiple companies. You can check out our google reviews to see what our customers have to say.

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