Nationwide – Telstra Best of Business Awards National Finalists!

We’re counting down! Seven days to go!


The Team at Nationwide are very proud to share that next week, on Wednesday the 7th February, we will be meeting the Judges at the Telstra Best of Business National Finals, in the category of Promoting Sustainability.


We will be sharing some of the things we’ve achieved in line with our strategy of being doers, not just dreamers. Planet before profit.


What we often find is that businesses try to engage their existing waste company to help them recycle. When, after many approaches without response, they become frustrated and contact Nationwide.


And Nationwide Waste Solutions Australia create a solution where none existed before.


Best of all, our solutions usually cost less than what it costs to send that product to landfill.


These are the kinds of stories we like to tell and will be sharing next week.


And being included as a National Finalist validates our approach, our thinking, and most of all, our results!


We’d like to thank all of our customers for your support.


And thank our staff for being awesome.


And our hundreds of contractors Australia wide delivering reliable services, day in, day out.


Wish us luck!


And yes – if your business is experiencing less than ideal service from your waste company – why not give us a call!


1300 729 922


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