sanitary bins & hygiene services

Waste Disposal Services in Melbourne

Sanitary Bins in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Australia Wide

As a part of a total waste management package, we can provide sanitary disposal bins and feminine hygiene service collections that can be easily incorporated into your existing bin collections.

As we do not offer this service as a stand alone service, why not save time and money by consolidating your sanitary services – contact us today for a quote!

From standard feminine hygiene units through to premium “no touch” automatic lid sanitary disposal technology.

Suitable for restaurants, schools, shopping centers, offices, and more.

Sanitary bins and hygiene services provided in all States, Territories and major cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Darwin and more.

What We Do For You

Since Nationwide Waste Solutions inception 15 years ago, sanitary bins and hygiene services have been a core part of our service. We look after thousands of businesses Australia wide, including restaurants, aged care facilities, schools, manufacturers, retail shops, shopping centres and more.

Our Mission: to become your trusted advisor when it comes to all waste services, including sanitary bins and hygiene services.

Our customers value the quality, reliable service we deliver from our vendors and their technicians. They value our transparency in negotiations, and the flexibility in our approach. And best of all, the number of services we can provide – we can include all of your waste services on the one invoice.

While we are taking care of your waste, recycling and washroom services, you can concentrate on the important things, like running your business.

We are the service partner you rely on. The volume of services we have under management delivers cost effective pricing, combined with a top quality service from accredited, compliant service providers.

Other services we provide include:

Areas we provide services in include:  Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane – Canberra – Adelaide – Perth – Hobart – Australia Wide.