Education Waste Management

  • Saving you money and time
  • Ensuring a clean space for learning and teaching
  • Encouraging sustainable solutions
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Our key focus has always been and still, as a joint partner with our waste and recycling suppliers in providing efficient, cost effective services to industry

Key benefits

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A+ facilities

Waste management is about creating a cleaner, tidier, and more comfortable environment for clients. This is especially relevant for clients in the education industry. Schools and universities should be an inviting place, encouraging students to reach their full potential in a hygienic learning environment.

Nationwide Waste Solutions encourages clean and efficient for learning and teaching. We ensure your education facilities are fit for an A+ classroom experience for both teachers and students.

Building the future through recycling in Australia

Building a better future

At Nationwide Waste Solutions, we’re passionate about our environmental impact and reducing waste for future generations. That’s why we prioritise finding the most sustainable waste management solutions for your school.

Our solutions reduce your carbon footprint, increase the volume of recycled waste, and decrease the energy and costs involved in waste management.

Our solutions aim to encourage both staff and students to dispose of their waste smarter. Not only do we offer rubbish collection services, but we also target the root of waste management. We provide bins to encourage better ways of recycling and disposing of your general waste.

Our sustainable solutions set an example for students about how to reduce waste and protect our environment and its future. We recognise your passion about building a better future for your students. Our services create a better and greener future for our nation.

Reliable waste and recycling services in Australia

Top of the class services

With over 19 years experience, Nationwide Waste Solutions boasts a knowledgeable and capable team. Our staff work closely with your education facility to find the most eco-friendly and cost-effective solution.

We achieve the best possible solutions through our value of honest communication and contracts. Have a read through our testimonial from Birralee Primary School here.

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