Medical Waste Management

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Our key focus has always been and still, as a joint partner with our waste and recycling suppliers in providing efficient, cost effective services to industry

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Key benefits


Safety first

Providing containers which your medical staff can easily and safely use is a paramount concern when dealing with sharps and clinical waste.

Our simple re-ordering process for sharps containers for disposal, and collection of various sized wheelie bins will ensure a safe and smooth process for your facilities. For anything from smaller medical centre waste to hospital waste needs.

A tailored solution

The health and aged care industries generate waste in a number of different streams. Nationwide Waste Solutions is your one point-of-call to manage all waste requirements - from recycling, general waste to clinical waste and other hazardous wastes.

We work closely with each client to achieve an effective solution based on the volume of their waste, types of waste, space limitations and required collection frequencies.

We pride ourselves in creating convenient and cost-effective waste management solutions for our clients. Our buying power allows us to achieve the best available price and our range of services and expertise allows us to provide end-to-end solutions.

Waste Bins

Your trusted specialists

Our medical industry clients require both general and specialist waste removal and disposal services. With over 14 years of waste management experience, our service partners are able to remove and dispose of all waste types safely and efficiently.

Other Services

Medical Waste Disposal Melbourne

Specialising in larger facilities, such as private hospitals, large clinics, and aged care facility waste management in Melbourne, Nationwide has the experience and the contractors to ensure your medical waste collections are handled safely, and in a compliant manner. It doesn’t end there though. With best in market customer service and support, we offer complete hospital waste management solutions, from medical waste and clinical waste services Melbourne, sharps disposal Melbourne as well as general waste, recycling, liquid waste, confidential documents, and pest control services.


Clinical Waste Disposal Sydney

Nationwide offer medical waste collections Sydney across the broader Sydney Metropolitan Area. We do this via our network of compliant medical waste contractors and clinical waste collection service Sydney partners.

As a broker, we source the best clinical waste disposal prices, to keep the cost of medical waste disposal Sydney as affordable as possible, while at the same time disposing of medical waste in compliance with regulations.

We currently provide medical waste services Sydney and sharps disposal containers Sydney at a number of facilities. Sectors we service include private hospitals, large medical centres and aged care facilities, often also servicing general waste, recycling, washroom services, scheduled pest control, and other facility services.


Medical and Clinical Waste Removal Brisbane

Are you looking for a medical waste disposal company in Brisbane? We can help. We specialise in medical waste disposal Brisbane at private hospitals, aged care and retirement homes, as well as larger medical centres.

We do this via our network of compliant medical waste contractors Brisbane, who undertake clinical waste disposal services Brisbane on our behalf. With this, we usually also service the general waste, recycling, hygiene services and other hospital waste management services as a part of a complete waste management proposal.