Workplace recycling stations. Source separation of recyclables makes recycling collections more effective.

How to Encourage Recycling in Your Workplace?

According to the National Waste Report, it was estimated that Australians produced 64 million tonnes, or 2.7 tonnes per person, of waste in 2014-15. A recent global waste management report estimates that global waste will increase by 70% by 2050. This is said to be partly due to rapid population growth and global urbanisation. These figures are important in determining the need for sufficient waste management solutions so that we protect our environment and reduce our carbon footprint. Additionally, it’s necessary to consider where Australians spend most of their week, and therefore, where a majority of rubbish is being produced – their workplace.

The most efficient way to ensure that waste does no harm is to recycle as much as possible to divert waste from landfill. It’s necessary to understand the importance of recycling, however it’s imperative to know how to recycle properly. As a business owner or manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure your staff participate in effective recycled waste management. Does your staff know what rubbish and materials belong in which bin, and is your office equipped with the correct bins to effectively handle recycled waste? Is your office optimising its resources to implement the best recycled waste management practices?

Recycling practices to implement in the workplace

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There are many ways to encourage effective recycled waste management in your office, as there are many different streams of waste that an office produces.

1. Paper and cardboard. Did you know that every tonne of recycled paper saves you 17 trees?

  • Set your printer to double-sided printing
  • Accumulate a pile of scrap paper to use for admin purposes
  • Place an appropriate amount of recycling bins under desks and around the office, depending on how big your office space is
  • Recycle discarded papers and cardboard files once you’re done with them
  • Purchase recycled paper to reduce the need for raw materials

2. E-waste

  • Liaise with a trusted waste management company to supply bins and disposal services for your electronic waste, as this is often the most complicated to handle
  • Identify businesses that offer trade ins for e-waste

3. Reduce waste with reusable items

Purchase a coffee mug or keep cup to keep in the office, and encourage your staff to do the same. This reduces the need for disposable coffee cups, which often cannot be recycled (although this depends on the cafe and their supplies). Tip: if you run a warehouse or logistics facility, check out our page on warehouse and logistics waste management

4. Other recyclables

  • Always look for reusable options when buying products. For example, choose rechargeable batteries over disposable ones.

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