Sustainability and Recycling for Owners Corporations in Melbourne

How reducing your waste can help protect the climate!

With Australia’s devastating recent bush fires, we’ve witnessed exceptional unity, but unfortunately, we’ve also witnessed division. On one hand, we’ve seen unity between the victims and the firefighters and organisations that have provided them help, unity between our people and animals, and unity from our allied countries. But the crisis has also re-sparked the debate […]

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How to be a more sustainable business in 2020

As the decade draws to a close, many business owners will look back on how much has changed in the last ten years. There are obvious changes such as advanced technology

Strata Plan Waste Management and Recycling

Can your business afford not to go green?

For many business owners, the words “going green” can send them into the realm of the unknown. While going green has never been so significant as it is now, rather than asking “how can we go green?” some business owners are asking “can we even afford to go green?” A better question may be, can […]

Types of garbage that can be recycled in the commingle recycling waste stream

Big businesses can make big environmental change

In a society as environmentally-aware as ours today, we often hear people discussing how we can reduce our individual waste consumption. We’re told to ditch plastic straws and water bottles, grocery shop more sustainably, and bring our own keep cups when ordering coffee. And while any small effort is a good effort, the setback with […]