Recycling garbage

Big businesses can make big environmental change

In a society as environmentally-aware as ours today, we often hear people discussing how we can reduce our individual waste consumption. We’re told to ditch plastic straws and water bottles, grocery shop more sustainably, and bring our own keep cups when ordering coffee. And while any small effort is a good effort, the setback with […]


Australia’s solution to China’s plastic waste ban

For decades, China was the world’s leading destination for recyclable waste, tackling approximately 45% of the world’s total waste on its own. That is until early 2018 when it began to implement stricter policies on what waste it would accept from developed countries like Australia. This crackdown was a significant effort to reduce China’s pollution, […]

Colored wheelie bins

How to reduce waste in your hospitality business

As a restaurant owner or manager, you’d be well aware of the mass amount of waste that your business produces. The hospitality industry is one of Australia’s largest contributors to waste, and reducing its contribution is beneficial for two major reasons – it protects the environment and saves your business a great deal of money. […]


How to beat the mid-year waste management fee increase

Have you noticed your waste management fees increase in the past couple of months? Providers commonly sneak up their costs at least once or twice each year, and this often happens around the mid-year mark. Waste collection fees can represent a sizeable cost for businesses, especially considering it’s an absolute necessity to keep your business […]